Hello again all! Man, I just want to say this site is just great. I can't wait to share some more of my signatures and items I've obtained from touring on here and I love doing the research and have other collectors opinions. It makes one feel pretty happy to see comments like "Looks great!" or "Nice signature you have there!" and it also makes one feel really low when the majority of people think something you have is not genuine (like my Beatles record I have...and pretty blatant not real even after some other "semi-experts" claimed it was legit...not from the forums though!) It DOES amaze me sometimes that some people are so harsh...seeing posts like "This is absolute garbage" and "I laughed so hard at this forgery!". Now mind you, I've been a "roadie" for 15 years of my life and have worked at a pawn shop for twenty years also, so I have pretty thick skin. I just think a simple let down for people who really don't know if something is real or fake would be nice. They already feel drained and low from either buying or trading (in my case) for that "fake" item they have. I am always polite to the customers (usually ladies) that bring their jewelry in to my store to sell it only to have to tell them that it is fake (or costume as I put it gently). I get everything from name calling and anger, to crying and sobs, to laughter...but at least they know and I always tell them they are welcome to get a second opinion. ANYWAY...

...there are only a handful of signatures that I did NOT obtain in person (and the one's I did get in person are the one's no one really cares about except for myself!) so I have to start with those so I can get those with doubt over with!

Here is my Queen (supposed!) signed album. Love that band. I have an original hologram RIAA award presented to myself, along with plenty of vinyl and some rare coins and picks from Mr. May. I had the privledge of chatting to Brian's tech while working for the guys in Vegas for two nights (with that Adam singer a few years back..).

So here you go. I was going to just keep it in my vinyl collection and forget about it but it keeps gnawing at my brain since I've discovered this site. Thanks ahead of time for any insight! I read some old posts and am really looking forward to hearing from "Innuendo"! I guess he's the one to go to! Thanks all!


Links to a pretty good scan and some photos....Thanks!

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Sorry to say, but this item is not genuine

Wish it were better news, friend. Can I ask where you got this? You mentioned working at a pawn shop?That Freddie looks familiar. A suspected forger from NJ had a few pretty similar but it may not be his. Definitely not genuine though, I'm afraid.

Ok, gotcha. Wow...so quick! That's why I was waiting to see if you chimed in! :-) Are they blatantly bad? I only got Brian's signature once on a magazine and it seemed close!? Anyway, thanks for the input!!

@innunedo the Brian seems very close. Is it possible the Brian is real whioe the others arent? The freddie and roger are pretty obviously fake.

I didn't get any of these signatures in person. I got Brian's once on a Guitar Player magazine in the early 2000's and it was close that's why I asked. But that's the only real signature I've ever seen so I have no clue. That's why I posted here! Thanks guys!

Hey there, Ray. Heres a photo to help point out the problems with Brian. Unfortunately the Freddie is a very clear fake. As is Roger, like Gundgegarden mentioned. The Brian was definitely a decent attempt but as you can see, whoever forged it has very sharp and straight lines vs Brian's curved and relaxed natural flow. I'm using a "best case scenario" Brian exmaple to compare it to but it's also on a white background so it's easier to see. Unfortunately, even rushed Brian signatures dont sport those sharp lines throughout the entire signature. It looks like whoever sigend this tried a mix of Brian's older 1990s style and current style. I've marked some things in red (your Brian's "www" style "brian" and how the curve of Brian's real signature should appear on typical 1980s and 1990s style graphs).Hope this helps. Best

+1 Love to see it. 

Same here 

No problem with asking Ray! The Brian did seem close so I totally get it.
Ok I'm beginning to think innuendo is a walking breathing Queen autograph encyclopedia lol. Thanks for the pics! I definitely see what you're saying there.

Lol more like a retired old fart with too much time on his hands and a small (40 year) obsession with Queen graphs! 

@innuendo lmao nonsense 

Awesome! Thanks all! And yes, pictures help with conveying what someone is meaning! And NOW that I think about it, you are correct! My Brian from the magazine was definitely  more CURVED. i always thought these looked TOO GOOD to be true. :-)

Anyway @Innuendo, if anyone needs any guitar pick help, let me know! Here are my Brian's! :-)




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