Do you think that these are genuine ? It was very rare to have a fully signed Zeppelin LP at one time but now they seem to be turning up quite regularly almost common now.

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Real looking signatures but I think they were probably placed. 

To be sure on authenticity, autographs must be seen in person. There’s no substitution for that. You can tell something is obviously fake, but you often can’t tell if it’s a great fake or forgery from a photo.

As Steve quite rightly says, you need to see in person, but these signatures look good to me.

I don't like the Zep II. The JPJ and Bonham look like the same hand.

there are far too many fully signed led zepps suddenly on the market for them all to be authentic imo

I have recently seen Zeppelin signed albums that looked almost real but upon a closer look they were patently fake. These two seem really real, in my opinion either there is a forger around very good with the pen or there is a mechanical work by the art of some machine or given the current situation due to Covid, people could start selling their goods. of value ... it could be.

out of interest how many fully signed genuine zeps do we know of in existence?

Roughly 20 signed albums are known.

In my opinion there are many albums of real signed led zeppelins around but whoever got them doesn't sell them, what's the point of selling them ... they will always increase in value ... if one sells them it is because he is in critical situations ...

There are excellent forgers. There are no doubt techniques were not aware of that are getting past sharp people. 

I double-checked the signatures well and I must say that they are all perfectly correct. Have they really signed by the Zep or is there mechanical work. I don't think a forger has a hand like that ... the signatures are perfect.

I will ask to Omega auctions some more informations about the provenance... 

Anybody can make a story up for provenance that’s the easy part for a forger. We have seen it done with some of the more amateurish fakes where there is a really detailed story.



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