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Antony Starr from Anthony's Comic Book Art—Authentic?

Can't find much about the seller or the actor. It's 7" x 10". Would appreciate any help.

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Hi Luke,

here is a 16x20 with JSA sold for $151 with BP last year. 22 bids.

I question the one you are after.

Hi Eric, thanks for this. Question in a sense that you question its authenticity?

"Authenticity is everything", no?

I got my last letter out to you as soon as I could. Hope it was helpful if brief.

Here Luke. There appear many problems. I'd find another...look at the paraph on the one you posted - it is not connected to anything. The other is smooth and makes sense. Click to blow them up.

Hi Eric, just saw your letter. Thank you for that and for the help with this signature. Been looking for a good Antony Starr Homelander for a while to little avail. 

I have seen a number of questionable items from this seller, e.g., Jack Kirby secretarial signatures. They primarily sell comic book art; I do not believe they have much knowledge in autographs. 



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