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No i spotted it on Amazon Yesterday, nothing matches the ASIN

Saw it too, and l’m working off the SP mentioned. So my money is on the Smashing Pumpkins. One thing I did notice is that the signed version is £5 more than the standard, which is not usual for Amazon- a pound extra maybe but rarely a fiver. Time will tell!

I saw that too, ordered a couple just in case. 

Thanks ordered 2 of something as well!!

Yeah but the only thing is The Pumpkins don't have any new product coming out. And basing it off their last autographed items this is way too cheap. But who knows...

I would have given it a shot myself had it not been Amazon U.K. where everything I order gets delivered in pieces.

Yeah but there is no street date and just a guess as to late 2021. Cyr has been out for a while now and most of the Az UK stuff is usually UK artists. I hope I am wrong but it just doesn't fit time or price wise and SP aren't on the BMG label. But who knows, that could have changed.

The Only artists signed to BMG with SP anywhere in the name are - Spandau Ballet so my monies on them

Hope not, there is a Smashing Pumpkins listed in the unscheduled section here:

Cant see it being  spandau  they dont talk to each other 

Yes I know, it’s weird I just spent an hour researching BMG artists and that’s the closest I could find

This is so exciting....



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