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Anybody know anything of “The Written Word autographs?”

I have found an autograph on this site, I don’t know anything of them, and haven’t heard many opinions on it. I have heard some say the owner Dan Rowe is great-reliable, and some say there is a fake autograph on there. From what I’ve seen, he buys autographs from people then sells them, and the ones I like seem perfect compared to certified ones. So if anyone knows of him please let me know! 

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It would be better to see the specific autograph you are asking about. Dan is a legitimate seller although no one is perfect. No one.

It’s is of an astronaut who walked on the moon, or wherever you wanna say he did. Everything matches, just wanna make sure the site is good. 

Steve Zarelli is the member here to ask about space autographs.

Yes, I hope he can maybe give an opinion

He can, for $12 (I think) you can get a Quick Opinion.

I've bought from Written Word before and I believe it is an honest operation.  But, that does not guarantee that they couldn't make a mistake with things they buy or auction. 

I seen you can buy as many as you want from the same person .How can they have like 50 of the exact picture with the same message sign to a certain person.Lije there a George c Scott play bill and you can buy as many as you want

Bought a Koufax photo from him last year that JSA did not agree was authentic. They refunded my auction costs but the cost of authentication was on me.

The Charlie Duke is authentic.

Thanks for the help, the way he writes Apollo, and his actual signature just seems almost perfect, so most likely is authentic. 


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