Your input is appreciated on this, thank you in advance

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I don't know Marvin Gaye well enough for you to buy based on my opinion, but I compared this to examples from reputable sources and I would not be surprised if it was real. Gaye signed photos and albums are rare and expensive. I recommend getting professional authenticator opinions before you buy.

Hi Bryan.  I do not see an image.  Did you remove it?

He must have. 

No fair.

Thank you very much for your input Steve 

I showed it to another autograph expert and they agreed it is likely authentic

I posted the picture back up here for future reference

Thanks for putting it back up Bryan. I love when collectors do their homework!

Here is an example of an endorsed royalty check that I once had, but sold during a a spate of hard times.

Very nice. Sorry you had to sell it. I think it compares well to Bryan's in the OP.



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