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We had a few discussions on the forum right after he died. 

Here is one with authentic autographs (or said to be) for comparisons

And then we had a discussion on submit yours for opinions from the forum here:

I actually think yours compares well to authentic examples (good flow, slant etc) but I only looked at his graphs right after he passed so not something I'm well studied on.  Wait for other opinions :)

I'd love to buy it if it gets the okay. 

ask Roger. 

I think this is very likely authentic. However, I'm not sure I've ever seen that underline/arrow that you see with this autograph. Regardless, I think it's probably authentic because the rest of it looks very solid.

Thank you everyone.  I went ahead with the purchase.  I was very comfortable with it but I'm not an expert on all things vintage so I reached out and even searched the old online fan forums to find those who had obtained IP Prince autographs on multiple occasions.  Everyone approached agreed that this is likely authentic.  Between myself, John Brennan, Neversin from the Netherlands (who has over a dozen IP exemplars from throughout his career), and all the rest I'm pretty excited about this purchase.  Once they are done being put into custom displays i'll post back here.  Thank you again.


Looks good to me, as James mentioned the underline is new to me also.

Dont forget to get psa or jsa or racc to write a coa, out for them.

this one looks good to me, after 1989, prince stopped signing in person, he was very nice and cordial about not doing it, well he did do a in store signing with that symbol. but the very last prince i saw that he signed in person. was the album cover where he appears naked, and it was signed love god with a p only

i was at the instore symbol signing

john, and that was the very last time he signed anything, like i said he wasnt rude or nasty about, he just wouldnt do it anymore



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