Are there any David Letterman collectors out there?

I may eventually have to pick up a Letterman signed piece, since he's my favorite talk show host ever.

As many may know, tonight is Dave's final show. So here's a salute to David Letterman, the greatest talk show host ever!! IMHO.

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I have a People Magazine from the '80's signed large and perfect from him. His secreatry said he was willing to sign it because it was the only picture of himself that he liked.
That's funny. I can definitely see him saying that.
I have a signed Herb Ritts photo of him. Love the guy.
Ditto on the last part. I always thought his show came up with very original, creative, often off-the-wall humor.
He is a pretty good signer...he signed a photo for me in 1988 and a hat and book on the 90s. He is the best at what he did!
No doubt about. Great show last night. How many people could have five presidents appear for them on their final show?!

Dave was actually the first autograph I ever bought as a kid, at a Walt Disney World memorabilia store in 1995.

That was a great first autograph, Rich!
I wrote to him back on the early 90s and he signed a TV Guide cover for me. Instead of a letter asking him to sign it, I sent him the Top Ten reasons he should send me his autograph. I figure somebody got a pretty good laugh from it, whether Dave ever saw it or not. I agree he was the best, and will certainly be missed. There certainly never was and never will be a show quite like his.
That's great how you got Dave's autograph. They probably appreciated the creativity. I think Dave was a comedic genius. Just all the imaginative skits that were truly funny. I love the outside vendor who was on the show for a long time. And Larry Bell Melman from the 1980s. All the crazy, zaney stuff in-between commercials. I wish I had a name for them all, but you know what I'm talking about. I always loved Paul Shaffer and the announcer guy (can't think of his name now) too.

I always thought that Jay Leno's comedy tried to play it safe and was more contrived. I think Jay was more concerned about ratings, whereas, Dave just did what he loved doing, and let the chips fall where they may. I think that's why the critics also liked Dave more and why Dave won all the awards. Late night truly will never be the same.

As a college student in the mid-80s, David Letterman was king. He almost had like a cult following. In the dorms, students would gather together just to watch Dave. He was the man, and young people loved him.
Absolutely! I had tickets to his first las Vegas show and got there late the night before. I was the first in line and was shocked that nobody else was there. My buddy and I were interviewed for the news and the show representatives were impressed that we would be there so early that they walked us in and gave us front row seats. I still have pieces of the viewer mail and his top ten card that he read from. When he tore it up, he threw it toward me. I almost jumped onto the stage. We waited around behind the casino to meet him and watched as he got into a red Lamborghini. He was/is truly the best.

I grew up on Letterman on NBC during High School.  I used to tape it and watch it when I got home.  Incredible talent and I hope he knows how much he is loved.




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