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 I acquired this piece at an estate sale in New Milford, CT a few years ago and even though it has some serious condition issues, I've often wondered if the ball and signatures are authentic or not. My gut says it's a fake

What do you think?

What can you share with me? .

Any idea what year this could be intended to represent?


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Souvenir baseball.  Stamped sigs.

Thank you Chris.

 Can you tell me what leads you to stamped sigs? I noticed some of the signatures actually meet the stitching and I would therefore suspect an interruption in the flow and profile of the signature. Would they have been stamped prior to stitching?

Would this souvenir ball be from the 1960 or 1961 season and is there any value here?  

The Mantle and Stengel are certainly stamped.


 You are absolutely correct. As a matter of fact I just found a 60-61 Yankees facsimile team signed ball that sold on Ebay for $80 in much better condition. The layout of the signatures are also the same

Looks like mine will become a gift for someone who wants but can not afford a Yankee souvenir ball.

Thanks again for a quick response

You're welcome, Craig.


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