The seller Bought this lp at an auction in inverness Florida, Years Ago (dudleys auction) 

signed by Paul, Ringo and George.

are these real? 

Many thans!

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these do not look authentic to me

They don’t look authentic to me either.

Beware Florida auctions and Estate Sales -- not sure which is worse. 

+1 All.

It’s a shame but anytime I se an item from Florida especially with old baseball greats and items from Las Vegas,  warning signals automatically go off, when they are actually decent places to get in person autographs, 

Florida, and I'm a resident, is the fraud capital of the country.

I think one of the of the problems is that the good honest people of the state got scammed years ago  and most still don’t realize it, and the same forgeries keep circulating around the autograph community, it’s a shame to hear you say that because it’s a great place to graph, 

at least now we have a great site like this one to get great opinions on all different types of signatures, 

all the best


I don’t like them either.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in Florida!

Lol sorry to hear that, but there’s a bit of good and bad everywhere, it’s not always greener on the other side 

Thanks for all your opinions. Very intreseting!


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