I'm selling my autograph collection that I obtained TTM as a teenager in the 1970s. I have these two signed Ted Williams index cards. What gives me concern is that you can see a faint signature underneath the marker signature. Please see closeup in 3rd photo below.

Was that a guide for someone else to sign them or do you think that was for Ted Williams to sign them? Do you think these are real?

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These certainly appear unnatural. I am not sure if Ted ever used an Autopen, but both signatures strike me as having Autopen like traits. Deliberate, uniform speed and pressure... a little slow.

Autopen or traced by secretary.... I doubt these are hand-signed by Ted.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the feedback. I found it odd how the marker signature looked like it was written over a template that appears to be in faint pen.

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Right. Or if it is an autopen, they tried a dying ballpoint first then went over it with the marker.


I don't think they are autopen as there are clear differences.

Maybe a light rubber stamp impression that was then used as a guide for a wider felt tip? 

Yes, so probably a secretary signing over a stamp?

Yes... I was not implying these two signatures matched each other as an autopen would, but often celebrities use more than one autopen pattern. 


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