Ariana Grande signed "Positions" cd.

From what I can tell from the examples on Ebay, these look legit.

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I gave it a shot since its limited to 1 per person. Hopefully her new autopen machine she used on the Bieber cds won't be put to use on these too. 

For what it's worth (not much), she posted a photo from when she was signing them. And unlike when she posted the video of her signing the SWU singles, the signature in the picture actually matches the ones I've seen come from the store.

Unfortunately, she stopped signing her full a____g___ signature early on, and most of these thus far (and I expect pretty much all of the ones form this drop), only have her "Ari" (that looks like "au") signature.

Long as it's signed by her I'll be happy... And just when I told myself no more UMG... I'm a sucker what can I say. Lol

This is only tangentially related to this, but I'm posting this just in case anyone ends up buying these after-the-fact from a reseller.

There is at least one big seller on ebay who's selling "signed" Positions CDs that have been certed by JSA, but that are [IMO] very suspect. In my opinion, they differ significantly from the ones I've seen from Ariana's store.

She hasn’t done full dig since first batch 

last few have been”Ariana” or “Ari” short sig on top left corner 

They sold out in 10 minutes at the announced time today. However they've since put them back up and they've now been around for an hour or so and counting.

Either she's following Taylor Swift, making these not as limited as they were, or they got the autopen machine back from Bieber.

Sold out now.

They seem to be bouncing around, because just a few minutes ago they were back - at least for a bit (now they're out again). They went up originally around 9AM PT, and they were still there at 15 after.

Damn Bieber always screwing things up lol. 

Did they block Shipito addresses? I got my order cancelled even when I tried a different suite.

I don't know about Shipito, but they block MyUS too. I couldn't order Taylor Swift with MyUS and I couldn't order Ariana either. Their shops are probably running on the same software.

Wow, I ordered mine a few hours ago and just got a shipping notification.



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