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My Waterstones just dispatched.

Same here

I’ve been stressing on  if my Waterstones order was going to get canceled with so many others getting confirmations theirs had shipped. I finally got my shipping confirmation earlier! 

I got my Waterstones shipping today, but it shipped Friday and is arriving tomorrow

Anyone know when the event books for the talk happening on the 18th October that sold with eventbrite will be shipped out? I sent it to a US address to mail to me can't wait.

My copy arrived from Waterstones this morning:

Here is the reverse of the signature page:

I’m not an expert on Arnie’s signature at all.  Only picked this up because the opportunity was there.

How do folk feel about this?  Legit?

Are you thinking autopen?

It's not an autopen. There are a great many examples posted online and they don't share the characteristics and commonalities you see in autopens.

It doesn’t look like autopen to me, but I’m happy to be corrected if the consensus is otherwise.

It was more a general sanity check with regard to authenticity.  Like I say, I know nothing about Arnie’s signature, or whether he has any history with secretarials, etc.

Looks like BAM is again a BUST. No movement of my order at all. I'm glad I also placed an order in the UK.

Just got shipping confirmation from Carmichael's Bookstore

A local independent bookstore confirmed that they received 5 signed copies in of this book. Check with yours if you missed the online sales! 



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