Arnold signed photo JSA Authenticated ; PSA Quick opinion “Likely Not Auhentic”

I purchased an Arnold Schwarzenegger signed bodybuilding photo for my man cave through PayPal goods and services for $450. Psa’s quick opinion came back as “likely not authentic”. It already has JSA (James Spence) authentication with it. The seller on eBay (blue.line.signatures) has 100% positive feedback and only sells autographs. How accurate is PSA QuickOpinion? I’m just wanting to know it’s a legit signature. I added photos below.

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Only dealt with JSA and if it’s on file with them, would have trusted their opinion.  And here’s mine IP from 8.5 yrs ago or so, very similar autograph.

Almost everything you submit to them for a quick opinion comes back as "likely not authentic". I think they offer their "service" only as way to make money and never be held accountable if something is authentic or not.

I would try Beckett (BAS) online opinion as a tie breaker. 

This one is mine from 6 years ago, signed in person.

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I deal with PSA Quick Opinion regularly, as often as several times a month.  My submissions run about 4 to 1 in favor of the item being authentic.  BUT, I'm very careful what I submit; it has to look good to me before I spend $10.  Also, once you get a quick opinion, you really should submit the item to PSA  for actual authentication.  Mine virtually always pass (only one did not).  And finally, there are so many fakes on ebay that it's a good idea to spend $10 before you spend $450.  In the case of Arnold though, I would have accepted the JSA sticker as good enough.


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