Found this at a flea market, and the seller who I have known for years told me he has had this for at least 25 years. He is a very honest man, and will not charge me anything if it turns out to not be authentic.  What do most of you think? 

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I don't see an image or link to an image posted.

Here we go. Lets try this. Sorry

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That would be a swing and a miss. The kind of swing and a miss that you see in Warner Brothers cartoons, when Bugs Bunny perplexes a palooka with his Pachaderm percussion pitch and the batter corkscrews himself into the ground trying to hit it! lol

I must agree w/ you Woody

Looks very laboriously written

That is definitely not real in my opinion, but the sellers story could be completely honest. He could’ve gotten it 25 years ago and didn't know if it was real or not.

Seller was very honorable and destroyed the fake.  He was a little distraught because he had been displaying it in his own home case for close to 30 years.  Great guy though! I showed him this site, and what was said about the signature. He felt so bad .  

Recently, on Pawn Stars, Rick had a chance to buy what was purported to be the "Called shot" bat Ruth used for $1.3 million. The seller had a credible story he swore by. Alas, the bat was not "the bat." But, there was no shaking the belief of the seller. I guess people don't want to believe they've been misguided for years. 

What did the script say?

At that point in the story of the called shot bat, the script said, (now enters the shadowy figure with the cape and original seller of the bat), "Alas. I'm Barry Halper". lol

Where did that end up w/the Nash article and all?

It amazes me how some folks don't realize that Pawn Stars is or was scripted.

Just call me naive. It was still interesting because I didn't know that Ruth's "called shot" bat had survived. 




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