Hi all,

Thanks for letting me in to this group! I bought a Kobe jersey from a collectible store in LA the other day for under $3000. It appears to be a custom jersey (no brand) #8, autographed as appears in the pictures attached. I texted my brother, an avid collector, these pictures and he felt it was good enough to purchase.

It has a PSA/DNA sticker and COA attached. I looked it up on PSA’s site, and sure enough it comes up authentic. Problem is, its an older cert, so no picture of the actual jersey or auto on the database. 

I sent the pictures in for a quick opinion to Beckett and to Global Authentics (spoke with Steve Sipe on the phone beforehand, actually).  Beckett sent me back “likely to pass”, while Global replied “not likely to pass”. After reading this forum, I hear Steve Grad is the man on Kobe autos, and luckily for me his name is on the COA. 

Just to cover my bases, Im going to try to stop by PSA’s office in Santa Ana this week since I live nearby: hopefully they can use that laser to find that supposed invisible ink. But wanted to ask you all what you think: is this jersey the real deal or did I get bamboozled? Thanks in advance!!

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I don't know his autograph, but Global Authentics are hacks and not a trusted source.

I just caught up to speed on the long thread from 2013 RE: Steve Sipe, Justin Griddy et al. Wow. It kinda makes sense with the convo I had with him on the phone.

Steve came off as trying to impart wisdom, but also like he had an axe to grind. i called his company because I had mistaken it for a collectibles store and he told me he was an authenticator, had been in the business for decades with Upper Deck, and had seen plenty of fakes these days that were sophisticated and unprecedented. I told him about the jersey I was looking at, and he told me to stay away, that it was likely fake, but if I wanted to be sure, send him pictures via his website and for $10 he’d send his quick analysis. I did so, and then did more research and found his history here afterwards. 

Based on our convo, I wasn’t surprised to see his analysis “not likely to pass”. 

Tony, your jersey is A-OK from what I see but you are SMART to have it scanned for taggant. PSA/DNA witnessed a Kobe signing in around 2001 of thousands of items. The serial number is in range, the autograph is the style he signed most of them, and it looks naturally signed by Kobe. I don't believe PSA/DNA photographed any of them.

The price is also in range. 

Thank you Steve! I am usually very paranoid when it comes to being afraid of getting swindled. I read a ton of stuff here on this forum before getting approved, and am thankful for the wealth of information provided here! I got a quick opinion from Beckett based on your old post that Steve Grad was reliable for Kobe autos, and that he would likely see it. I’m glad I did, because I got a quick turnaround from them (an hour later) with a “likely to pass” result. Thanks again Steve!

In autographs, being paranoid is a sign of genius.

Haha thank you Steve! Im no genius but I definitely feel smarter having read this forum and joining this site!

Will have a full look once home later but from what I can see this looks authentic

Thank you Dan!

This looks good on closer inspection and typical of the timeframe when signed. A nice example

Thank you Dan, much appreciated!!

This is good,  I have a few pieces from this same signing in my Kobe collection.

Thank you!!



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