I would appreciate opinions on the authenticity of this Neil Armstrong autograph.  Thanks!

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Steve will know, but one could guess sheer quantity of demand. 

Collins, historically, has been the hardest of the three to obtain. It’s well-documented that he is not fond of signing autographs. He wrote about it In his book, Carrying the Fire.

He did not sign commercially until the space art dealer, Novaspace, lured him into private signings with very large checks around 10 years ago.

Eric is absolutely correct. These are all NASA issued Autopen signatures.

I’d be interested to see the dedication on the Aldrin as well. I’m seeing more and more Autopen signatures with dedications and/or inscriptions added, in my opinion, maliciously to disguise the fact that the signature is an Autopen.


Thank you.  I’ll be happy to upload a photo with the inscription.  The photo isn’t in my possession currently.

Is there anywhere that sells reputable autographs of these 3 astronauts?

As requested, here is the autopen with personalization.


Interesting and unusual. Thanks for sharing.

I have to assume the personalization was not done by Aldrin.  Who would take the time to personalize yet not provide an authentic autograph?

I don't know about here, and I agree with your logic, but I have seen Deforest Kelley and another I can't recall right now inscribe preprinted photos to speak to your question.

That's not his writing. 

If the request was sent to NASA, there are two options:

  1. A NASA secretary added it. I can't recall ever seeing a NASA secretary add a dedication to an Autopen signature.
  2. Your parents got to it first and added it. I have seen cases of parents adding dedications to their kids.

Interesting. Thanks Steve. I had no idea if that was his hand or not. Logic clearly says not. I assumed secretarial - your parent idea is a good observation! After the whole Santa fiasco, I would not put anything past them ;) The Kelley I saw was his hand, and it was odd to see. I have seen a few of those. 

Well, I’m about as positive as I can be that it wasn’t my parents, for two reasons.  First, although you are all superior to me at analyzing autographs and handwriting, the only exception to that would be my own family, and that’s not their handwriting.  The other reason is that since I was a baseball autograph collector at that time, my parents would have known that doing that would have been a MAJOR no-no.


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