Authentic or Fake? Could Someone give me their best opinion?

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What is your point? That he ocassionally does sign?

I would say that the exception here is that it's the Zurich Film Festival... and he's even picky there as you can see. Many celebs who are very tough signers tend to be better about it at film festivals and overseas. Joseph Gordon Levitt comes to mind, as he never signs but people were lucky enough to get him at Sundance and in Switzerland in the past year.

Please post up that authentic Man of Steel poster your cousin has. It's very important to us being able to learn more about this poster forgery ring.

I said he is tough . I think the video shows how tough he is . He signs less than 10 autographs. That video also doesn't make the poster authentic, that video is from Zurich not New York .   It just shows he signs autographs. Morgan Freeman was listed as one of 2012 most hardest autographs to get . At the Oblivion premiere he came over and signed. Sean Penn is a tough name , he did it a few times promoting Gangster Squad.

I never said the video meant anything.  I just posted it because I thought it proved the point that you were making about him being a tough signer.  Then jXE, tries to come in busting my chops.   Like I have said before,  after several things were pointed out....I agree that the poster is a forgery.  I said that like 3 pages ago.   The whole reason I thought it was authentic to begin with was based on what I assume is an authentic poster that my cousin said he got at the premiere. 

After having some member here point out flaws, I fully agreed it was a forgery.  I'm not so stupid that I can't be easily convinced once i'm shown evidence.  

I never argued with you , why are taking this as attack against you . I was helping Brian out . Isnt he the one who bought the poster or interested in buying it ? Why so defensive man . No reason for it .


Was your cousin lying? Any way to confirm this so we know if these posters really exist with the stamp?

Harry Lennix and Diane Lane weren't even at the New York Premiere to the best of my knowledge. Ask the seller where he got them at ??


Why don't you guys just research Russell Crowe's signature for a bit?  Once you do, you will CLEARLY see how horrible these forged posters are.

Common sense!! Please use it.

Practice what you preach. That statement was made in the first few pages of this thread already. The common sense you talk about would've told you to read the thread and see that everyone was already aware of that. Nobody here thinks the poster is real. Reading: it's common sense. Please use it.

I just love "newbies" who "know-it-all".

Funny. So you know how many years I've been collecting? If anyone just proved themselves of being a "newbie" it's you. Stating the most obvious thing you could think of (that's already been said). Did you really just call me a "know it all" when you couldn't even read the thread you tried to call other people out on? Nice try though Champ.

Luke, Brandon is probably one of the best Nascar authenticators around... just a heads up :))  And Brandon, Luke and his dad Mercury Man (on this site) have been collecting a long time but are pretty new to THIS site....


If we fight each other, the forgers win.


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