My Grandfather's Baseball Autograph Book From His Bat Boy Days in the 1930's & 40's

I have an autograph book that I would like to get some opinions on as far as quality and value. There are like 200 or so signatures I could list them but it might be more fun for u to see if u can tell who they are for yourselves. I like to think of this book as the holy grail of baseball autographs for this time frame. Enjoy. Looks like I will have to put the rest of the pages in a reply post.

Click to enlarge:


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Bill Hallahan, Mel Harder,Bucky Harris,Jackie Hayes,Rollie Hemsley, Ed Heusser, Andy High,Oral Hilderbrand,Marty Hopkins,Rogers Hornsby,Willis Hudlin,Robert Johnson,Roy Johnson,Jimmy Jordan,Art Jorgens,Bill Knickerbocker,Ralph Kressx2,Emil Leonard,Ernie Lombardi,Dan Mcfayden,Connie Mack,Leroy Mahaffey,Gus Mancuso,Heinie Manushx2,Fred Marberryx2,Pepper Martin,Eric Mcnair,Joe Medwickx2,Oscar Mellilo,Bill Meyer,Dee miles,Bing Millerx2,Johnny Mizex2,Terry Moore,Van Lingle Mungox2,Johnny Murphy, Buddy Myer,Buck Newsome,Lefty O'doul,Bruce ogrodowski,Manuel Omis,Ernie Orsatti,Fritz Ostermueller,Mel Ott,Leroy Parmelee, Monte Pearson,Harlin Pool,Jake Powell,Rip Radcliff,Carl Reynolds,lew Riggs,Bill Rogell,Preacher Rowe,Mike Ryba,Jack Saltzagaver,Al Schachtx2,Joe Sewell,Luke Sewellx2,Merv Shea,Clyde Shoun,Al Simmonsx2,Dick Spalding,Casey Stengal,Johnny Stone,Vito Tamulis,Cecil Travis,Trosky,Joe Vosmik,Bill Walker,Bucky Walters,Paul Waner,Rabbit Warstler,Eddie Wells,Jojo Whitex2,Rudy york,Dutch Lieber,Si Johnson,Roger Brames,Johnnie Marcum,

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Hi Joe, if you are still following this discussion, would you be interested in selling your baseball autograph book? Looks like some great names in there. If so please email me at JeffreyRPotter at , also I sent you a friend request through here but have not heard back.
Best, Jeff

My grandma lived next to the ballpark in the 1930's. She would go to all the games and get autographs.  During one year (I believe 1938), she got an autograph from every player in the league. All the signatures are in a book..  She showed it to me once. There were some duplicate signatures in the book. Many of the signatures are in pencil because that's what she had back then. I heard autographs in pencil are not worth anything though. I wonder what the signature book would be worth today?  Also, does anyone know how to preserve these signatures from fading? Most are in pencil, so I wonder if anything extra can be done.  Thanks!

I looked at the first photo (a-detroit-2) and that certainly isn't Dizzy Dean's sig.

And the "Jimmie Foxx."

Definitely not writing the Foxx is bad, just not comfortable with it.  I'd love to have this autograph book in hand to examine.

I'd love (like many of us) to have this in-hand to look at.

I think what is fooling us with the foxx is that we are used to his "pudgy" J.  it appears that up to the mid-30's, his J was tall and slimmer, like the one in the photo above. the Foxx is probably good.

What got me on the Foxx was the angle of the "Foxx."  Using software (rotating, etc) gave me a better view. 

Like I wrote, fascinating item to discuss here.

Unfortunately I had 2 kids hit driving age last year so since the book was left to them to get cars. It was auctioned off last October. I was a incredible piece and I would of loved to keep it but the boys wanted cars. It was a sad day.


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