I just awoke from one. I have insomnia and when I finally do get to sleep, sometimes after quite a stretch, I am rather vulnerable to overtly realistic dreams. This one I have a few times a year. I hate this one. Again, in condensed form, I am there in NYC at a Roger Waters concert, someone steals my tix, my album, my book and my Sharpie, leaving me stranded. I see a friend who gets me backstage, with nothing to sign or sign with. I wind up at a bar, having emptied an account to get cash, while frantically searching through multi-level malls and Rite-Aid type places looking for Sharpies (none) and vinyl shops during the intermission looking for albums (none) and  - there is David Gilmour drinking a beer, amused to death that I am missing the Waters show and honestly not crying that I am with him and have no pen or paper, rather happy to point it out actually. There were, for some reason, 18" x 18" blank flats on the bar (it's a dream) - I grab one and he smiles and decides to do something really cool like a drawing or musical notation and...the pen doesn't work. The next pen doesn't work. Now he is tracing over what he started, there are no more blank flats and I start to realize I am not getting back into Waters. I woke up here - something terminal happened to the one flat I had. I remember walking around trying Manhattan to find my orientation with a tattered unsigned copy of Animals without the LP. I hate this dream and every variant!

Do you have this sort of dream?


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lololol I love it (but hate it for you!)  Since I show dogs as my hobby, you probably wouldn't like the type of nightmares I get on occasion, think "clean up" and you'll be on the right track :)

Hello Wascher,

Ugh - I can imagine. Maybe not! These dreams can be very affecting - sometimes I wake with asthma. But, not true "nightmares" thankfully, and besides, with this dream anyway, I can now respond with these:

Eric ;)


Is this true or are you making it up? You've gotta be making it up!

Hi Steve,

 This is literally true. I have had this perhaps a dozen times. It is abbreviated actually. This has never happened to me in real life as far as I recall.


can't say that I do

I have had variations of stuff like this, but I haved graphed for over 32 years now so it doesn't creep me out when I wake up. I'm actually relieved that it's not reality.

I have had a few autograph dreams/nightmares as well.  Unfortunately I can't recall the circumstances....dreams always seem to be that way for me.  It's like snapchat in my brain...there's only a certain amount of time I'll remember what the dream was and then's gone for good :)  Most of mine have involved the Stones...tricky lil buggers even in my dreams.

Never had any dreams, my nightmares were real. Hank Aaron signing a hall of fame bat then carelessly rolling it away and smudging. Schmidt would roll balls and Williams would sometimes roll them and sometimes even flip them to collectors watching them pathetically scramble after their treasure. Meeting Reggie Jackson if he was in a "mood" could be a real nightmare also.

That is such a messed up dream.Wow,can't believe you keep having a variant of it.Love the way Gilmour doesn't give a crap.

Hello again,

Thanks for all the replies. Yes, I recall now once someone refused to sign, and insulted me as well. Billy Corgan outside radio City Music Hall. I had the pen and item though, unlike the dream. FWIW, all my dreams are variants, I don't have new dreams, and they all take place in a stylized version of New England, from Jersey to Maine, that I could draw like a detailed map. Characters change sometimes, plots get twisted or rewoven, but nothing new. 20 or 30 years or more can pass between some of these dreams and then I have them again. It is like seeing old friends. I attribute this all to insomnia.


That's so deep Eric,hope you get a good nights rest tonight.No Waters concerts in nyc tonight!!!

Thanks Paul! I know what happened - I took Melatonin! That is why I woke woke with asthma. I really needed sleep and forgot the asthma connection. Just like Benadryl - for anyone with asthma - steer clear IMO.




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