Hi I recently got an autograph. It was framed when I got it. Upon further inspection I noticed it looks like it's mounted to a backing paper somehow. Is there any advice you guys may have on how to safely remove it from the paper that is mounted on without damaging the autographed photo? Look forward to all the advice. Thanks, Ryan

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first that's the reason I never buy framed stuff

.second what kinda ink is it signed in and how valuble  and do u think its drymounted or really glue on

I had no idea it was framed when I bought it since I bought it online. The seller had no photos of it inside the frame. I don't know an exact value of if I had to estimate I'd probably say anywhere from $500 to over $1,000. I don't know how it is mounted but it won't come off of the paper it is mounted on.

I can recommend a restorer to reach out to to see if he can remove without damaging the graph. Restoration isnt cheap just a heads up could be a couple hundred dollars

I realize it's not cheap. But with the possible value of the autographed item I think it would be worth it if it could be done safely. Who's your recommendation for restoration

I personally would return it or ask for a discount because amounted stuff is worth 50% less..is it a sig u can find again

Normally I would do that but in this case it is not a signature that I can find it again. At least not in my price range. This was a Ringo Starr autographed photo that I'm talking about. It was already authenticated by Beckett. Those don't come up too often in my price range of under $500. Usually what I find in my price range I basically unauthenticated autographs

Have u tried Perry cox.he sold a few recently on Ebay and they weren't much

You should be able to find another one. I have two of them. It isn’t valuable enough to invest in restoration and if it’s drymounted it’s permanent. I would also advise you to either return it or ask for a discount.


just so u know drymounting isn't permament but yes y should get a discount or return it

In haste but the very reason drymounting is not considered archival is because it is generally permanent/irreversible. 




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