From talking with another member about trading autographs, we thought maybe it would be cool to have one place here where we can all post up stuff we have for trade or sale that we could all update our collections by.  As long as everyone post up a clear pic of the signatures and a good description, then this could be epic! 


Moderator Comments:
This is a great idea! Try it out in this discussion,
and then we'll set up a special forum category
once we work out the kinks.

Please do your best to make sure your autographs are genuine BEFORE you post them here. Ask for opinions in the appropriate forum here, such as

If you see something here that's a likely forgery, reply with your opinion and contact the forum moderator.

Thanks...and good luck!

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Great idea. I have a bunch of good stuff for good prices. I just need to make room!!

I'll start scanning soon. 

I'll break the ice with a few offerings. Click on thumbnails for full size image.

Paypal accepted. Add $3 for shipping unless indicated otherwise. Please send me a private message to reserve an item. Thanks.

John Mahoney - obtained TTM - $15

Jack Klugman, Odd Couple pose - Autograph World COA - $20

William H Macy - Autograph World COA - $15

Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Autograph World COA - $20

Jesse Martin (Law & Order) - Autograph World COA - $15

How much are you asking on the Mantle signed bat?


You'll get better visibility as this gets larger and larger by posting the autographs you want to sell or trade at top level--not as a reply to someone else's. That way your stuff won't be missed.

Is that Mantle bat certified ?

I've seen that Mantle bat on Ebay and I don't like it at all.

I'm curious what happened to it when you had it listed on Ebay?  Second, did you get that Mantle in person or did you purchase it from someone?

yeah it looks familiar.  Im new to "self authenticating" mantles signature and I am still learning, but at my beginner stage the points I look at look right to me.  I think its real.  would I personally buy it or trade for it without asking a guy like CEE GEE first what he thinks? Hell no. :)

Ask yourself this, David, "Would Mickey sign at bat where his signature drifts off the end of the bat?"

i have none.  I do have actual mantle signatures in my collection to compare it to though.

on a big ticket item like this, you would do yourself a favor to have it authenticated by PSA or JSA.  it would add value to the item, if it passes.  I have my doubts.

but if you got it I think it would easily bring $1500



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