From talking with another member about trading autographs, we thought maybe it would be cool to have one place here where we can all post up stuff we have for trade or sale that we could all update our collections by.  As long as everyone post up a clear pic of the signatures and a good description, then this could be epic! 


Moderator Comments:
This is a great idea! Try it out in this discussion,
and then we'll set up a special forum category
once we work out the kinks.

Please do your best to make sure your autographs are genuine BEFORE you post them here. Ask for opinions in the appropriate forum here, such as

If you see something here that's a likely forgery, reply with your opinion and contact the forum moderator.

Thanks...and good luck!

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If it didn't sell on Ebay, why would you bring it over here?

Evan...unfortunately I have a bad feeling about your bat....I have seen authentic PSA and or JSA bats go for well over twice as much as your asking....if you felt it was authentic the money you can get with one of these certs. would make a huge difference...but is it worth the $250 ? really comes down to it becoming a good investment in the long run...if your certain its authentic it wouldn't be a gamble...if you have doubts in getting it professionally may put doubts in someone purchasing it...

Evan, your bat is signed in an unusual place, and could have a hard time bringing the usual price range for Mantle bats even if it was certified by PSA/DNA or JSA. Because of that, your $1,200 price doesn't seem out of whack.

Whether it's genuine or not, I don't know--it would be even stranger for a forger to sign where this bat is signed than for Mantle to. But instead of getting a quick opinion, I think you'd benefit from talking to an auction house that specializes in sports, like Heritage Auctions, Legendary, Robert Edwards, Memory Lane--there are ton of good ones.

I'm suggesting that not just to save money, but because this bat is unusual, and all the authentication services do is tell you if they think it's good or bad. They don't give you their reasons, pricing opinions or any other input like auction houses may give you. That's the information you need to decide what to do.

Evan, just for the heck of it, please post a photo of the COA that came with the bat. 

Also, you could list it on Ebay and submit it to "Quick Opinion."  That would only cost you $7.49.

Nope. Anyone can get a quick opinion for an item listed on ebay for $7.49. 


No you don't have to register with PSA.  When you click that link, look for the blue box that reads "Get A Quick Opinion."  Then click the "Click Here" inside  the blue box.  The rest is self-explanatory.

The only problem with these quick opinions is they would give a secretarial Heston or Gleason and some others the okay, so do so at your monetary risk?

Evan, I think your comments are an excuse not to submit your signed Mantle bat "Quick Opinion." 

Everything on the "Quick Opinion" page is clear and self-explanatory.   Your don't have to "register" or "log in."  You simply fill out the item number , the seller's Ebay ID (yourself), description of item and then you go to the next page to give them your credit card information.

I think its 10.00 now...for a quick opinion...I have used it since with both prices

Cee, the "Quick Opinion" fee for Ebay auctions is still $7.49.



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