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Wanted to see if anyone had any experiences with or opinions of AutographCOA(ACOA)? It, to me at least, appears to be relatively new service that offers autograph authentication services for entertainment and political signatures, not sports. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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link please

I know a bunch of them personally.  Honestly u can get the same answer here for free

If you want a COA to improve the value of your item for resell, get with PSA or JSA. If you want to know if your signature is authentic this looks like a good group to use possibly.

See "Jim Carrey Preprint" thread...

Eh, whatever service, how much is a Magic 8-Ball these days? And that darn thing is reusable! You can smash it! And no stickers! But, also, like some TPG, you can get several different results for the same question... ;) 

Hi Colby. I'm the lead authenticator at ACOA. I can tell you a little about our process.

When submitting to AutographCOA.com, each item is reviewed by up to 10 different team members, all of whom conduct their review independently. Each team member carefully compares the submission to our extensive authentic sample pool, along with any IP samples they have obtained themselves over the years. The submitter-name and source of every signature remains hidden to all consultants during the review. If they believe an item is not likely authentic, they must note any specific problem factors, and then discussions and additional reviews around those factors take place before a final determination of Pass, Fail, or Could Not Determine is made by one of the company's authenticators, including myself.

That's our general process for every submission, along with a number of additional technical functionalities that we don't publicize but which are useful and awesome.

We expect it will take time for us to gain large-scale fan/collector awareness of and respect for our services and our COA, but we definitely look forward to working hard every day to earn it.

If you questions, I'm available via PM on Facebook 7 days a week.



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