Some people on eBay are claiming that at the VIP premiere of Endgame, they gave out limited edition autographed posters from all of the cast, and they come with COAs from Marvel Studios. I've read in some places on this site that that is not really a thing. I've seen some people claim to buy the same thing during the first Avengers premiere, but read that they were well-made fakes with hologram stickers and COAs. I can't find anything else on the internet about these being given out at the premiere, so are these fake? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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The Movie Premier cast signed posters with studio holograms are always scams. Total fake.

Thanks for the reply! I can definitely sleep better at night having not wasted $2k+

The first link leads to some very poor Photoshop work w/Downey Jr. to "help" the "sale" (scam). These holograms, COA's & stickers do not indicate anything other than to beware.

Haha, yea, it's pretty minimal effort into the scam too. Thanks for the input, it definitely helps

Sorry, second link...

So, people have bid this up over $1,600, without even seeing the alleged real item?  Now that the premiere has taken place, aren't they wondering why there isn't an updated photo of the "real deal?"

Or how a seller in NY has a signed poster for sale hours after the premier in LA?

Common sense and healthy skepticism are not the strong suit of many bidders apparently. 

"...So, people have bid this up over $1,600, without even seeing the alleged real item?..."

This makes my oft made statement "...If I can't see it I won't buy it..." take on a whole new meaning!

Apparently the first link was taken down, so the guy reposted it under a different name (he’s done that at least twice already). It ended up selling for $20,000....

And the bidding history certainly looks like it was shill bid to the max!



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