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This was apparently $64.99 then $100 now $149. Still could be a decent deal for a signed vinyl cover 

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Stay away from Premiere Collectibles... scammers

Forgive me if I’m out of the loop on this, but I’ve bought a couple books from them in the past without issue… is there a reason to stay far away from this in particular ? 

Are they basically buying some things up on artists websites and reselling them? 

They raise the prices of items that sell better... they think they're Ticketmaster using "dynamic pricing." They're also notorious for making it impossible to cancel or change orders. I've heard some horror stories

Is there a more loathsome business model to follow than Ticketmaster? Not wise to emulate that company’s tactics unless you just want to breed contempt.

I like how on fb they try and justify this "dynamic pricing" as their way to stop flippers, and say that limiting the orders to 1 copy per address wouldn't be as good because people would just find ways around it.

Well it would certainly be a lot better for the non flippers who just want 1 copy at $65.

So .. . . they weren't flipping the Eilish vinyls they had marked up 4x?

Rules for thee, but not for us.

Better to just avoid them -- there's plenty of opportunity outside of Premiere.

Where were these sold to begin with? I doubt Premiere is an exclusive source for these.

I honestly haven't seen them anywhere else yet. So maybe it is specific to them unlike the other LPs they flip on their site like Eilish? They are teasing "A Preview of things to come!" on fb. But tactics like this aren't the way to get my $.

I can’t imagine artists would agree to these shenanigans either.

I’m done with that crummy company 

Of the many problems I have with the company my main problem with them is the fact that they have put their COA in at least a few books in recent times that all ended up being Auto Pen and then  even when refunding they stood by the Authenticity even when it was obvious they were not. Makes that piece of paper they put in the books untrustworthy and useless in my opinion 


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