Hi, a relative of mine purchased a Babe Ruth autograph recently and I was hopeful that some of you could shed light on its authenticity.

The autograph is in pencil on a program from the 1940s golden gloves boxing tournament in NYC. I found a newspaper article saying he attended the 1939 one, but have been unable to find anything regarding 1940. Picture below, thanks:


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The boxing is probably no better. The sellers almost certainly knew the Babe was bogus.

Second request for an image of the entire page that bears this signature.

Can you post an image of the entire pages bearing the Ruth signature?

Sorry for the late reply, Woody! Please see the entire pages here: 

That tape residue looks like it could be from the time period.  Could it have been taped somewhere by someone wanting to show off their in-person Ruth?  Just an idea I’m throwing out there even though it’s probably not real.  It also seems like an odd thing to do a forgery on.

I agree with the other opinions, not likely genuine. It just looks a little off even for a rushed example.

Yep. If there was even a glimmer of hope, I wanted to reserve judgment until I saw the whole, and therein lies the compounded problem not only of awkward characters, whether because of rushed, unstable platform, etc., but placement and the opportunity for better areas to sign is another problem. Before he started to sign it, Ruth would have known that his sig wouldn't fit there and with plenty of other open areas to sign that allow a full, uninterrupted signature, just like the margin, likely would have chosen a different spot.

Chances of it being authentic = very remote to none.




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