Hi everyone,
Does this Babe Ruth autograph look real in your opinion?

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From the presentation of age and the exemplars I just looked at I would likely pass.

Eric, it's from a seller on Ebay that I showed you not long ago and you told me that his autographs were fakes. Here is a link to his current items for sale, Babe Ruth is also here:


You rang? I remember this guy - $103 "Vivien Leigh" and $45 "Tallulah Bankhead"...bad material!

Price would also steer me away from this item.  If real, this Babe Ruth cut is worth far more than the $750 opening bid.  So the seller is willing to risk that someone might get this Ruth cut for such a low opening bid?  He wouldn’t take this risk with a real Ruth.

A low price doesn't necessarily mean that it is a fake autograph. The autograph should be treated as an autograph in itself. If the price was $3000, then the autograph was authentic?

No, of course not.  Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t take that risk with a real Ruth.

Well he sold one for $3,000 PSA/DNA certified, so it probably was real.

How many Babe Ruth signatures does this seller have?

This is the fourth he's sold in the last year or so. 2 went for $433 and $680. One that was PSA/DNA went for $3,000.

Thanks. I missed the PSA/DNA Bob Dylan signed page that sold cheap. Did anyone happen to save an image?

What do you think about his other autographs for sale? If you look at his active sales and at his completed listings and at his feedbacks (you can see at the feedbacks he received the details of the autographs he sold and the price), it seems like this seller has a lot of autographs for sale from different fields: music, sports, Hollywood, space, politics etc. It seems like he got in some way or maybe bought or inherited a huge collection of autographs. The thing is that he keeps selling most of his items and everyone is happy, all his buyers look satisfied. I have been following this seller for two years since I bought my first George Harrison autograph from him for $400 (it passed Perry Cox physical inspection and Perry issued a COA for it. It also passed Roger Epperson quick opinion at the time) and I couldn't find one bad thing he did. This seller is very intriguing to me. I still can't make up my mind if he is a good guy or a bad guy. What do you think?

Looks to me like someone who is in the business of selling forgeries.

Why would he consistently sell rare high-demand autographs like Babe Ruth for a small fraction of what they would easily sell for?

Why does he have so many things on plain paper?

He sells some real pieces. Most forgery sellers do. But the real things are not where the money is made.

Why did he sell your George Harrison for $400 when one that looks like yours would easily sell for several times what you paid. Selling your inventory for a fraction of what you can easily get is not popular business model.




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