Hi all

Can you tell me if these signatures (or any one of them) are genuine?  Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Jack Palance, Billy Dee Williams, Kim Basinger, Pat Hingle, Michael Gough, Tim Burton.

Thanks in advance

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Horrid forgery all by the same hand. When/how did you pay and from where did this neon craziness come from? Hopefully you have not purchased it :) The image itself appears synthetic.

It certainly is a "treasure". lol   Hot off the kitchen table. One forgery right after the other, stopping between forgeries only long enough to drop one pen and pick up another. Speed forging. If the forger's purpose was to waste a poster, and demonstrate his own handwriting, then he succeeded perfectly.

Yup. This thing doesn't even look like it exists in three dimensions...bad Photoshop editing at best.

No need - this info is available here:


Stay away from this junk. :)

Or Etsy if you prefer, where the seller is getting some positive reviews for other authentic signed items.


I'd steer very far away fast....read what I linked for you.

That is the most unlike "Nicholson" I think I have seen. I had to make sure that's what it was supposed to be! Could have at least signed it sideways... still garbage Ava - on eBay, their site or Etsy. Reviews mean someone got something, at best.

Here’s another “rare” item from RARE-T.  It’s a full-size promo poster for AC/DC’s Highway to Hell LP.  It says it us signed by the 5 band members: Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Cliff Williams, Phil Rudd, and Brian Johnson.  There’s just a couple of problems here.  First, they’re all fake autographs.  Second, and it’s a doozy, Brian Johnson wasn’t with AC/DC for this album.  Brian didn’t join the band until after Bon Scott’s passing in 1980.  Where Brian has supposedly signed the poster...well, that’s actually Bon Scott on the poster.  Apparently, RARE-T thought that was Brian Johnson.  That’s pathetic, and their selling price was $2179...and supposedly it’s SOLD OUT!!

Ironically appropriate advertising though.

The highway to autograph Hell is paved with forgeries.

Brilliantly clever, Woody!  And funny too!




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