Hi all

Can you tell me if these signatures (or any one of them) are genuine?  Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Jack Palance, Billy Dee Williams, Kim Basinger, Pat Hingle, Michael Gough, Tim Burton.

Thanks in advance

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We've all been to autograph Hell and back again. That's why this forum is a slice of autograph heaven, membered by guardian angels, and there is no substitute.

+1  I’ve definitely visited autograph hell...maybe more than once...but this site has definitely kept me from a return trip.  Yes, it feels like heaven now.  Love this site!

But on a sad note, I bet RARE-T has raked in a lot of crooked cash, unfortunately.

ok, most of the items are forgery's but there are items with ''beckett-psa-jsa'' certification. so you could look for the genuine framed items but for the ones who wil find this seller and doesn't know autographs it could be horror for them.

There is no reason to rink from a poisoned well. 

i didn't say i would buy from them but could see the difference between the fake and genuine ones and inexperienced people would buy what ever they like from this seller. 

How are these sites allowed to get away with fraud?

Many don't care if it really is real, others are delusional, many think they are helpless with regard to recourse, some get man and forget it, and many never find out they have been had at all. I'm sure there are more factors but the collector is in the drivers seat if they would only take the wheel. Buyers should at least know how to protect themselves. Of me - if I get screwed it is my own fault.

I mean how can they be allowed to get away with it legally?  It is unlawful!

Have you watched the news? :/

that was mine question some time ago and did not get a answer but selling fake autographs is easy to do ''sadly enough''. what i see at ebay does make me angry but looks like ebay and other sites doesn't care.

"How are these sites allowed to get away with fraud?"

Because criminal agencies have been so allocated by higher powers to focus all of their assets and manpower elsewhere, only conducting investigations on issues that will assure the names of those higher ups remaining center stage in the media.

I am just astounded that RARE-T (RARET 450-550-7273) www.rare-t.com is able to engage in repeated and ongoing criminal activities unchecked and with impunity!




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