Who is left in the industry of reliable reputation to complete authentications of Beatle-related autographs?

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Frank Caiazzo, Tracks, Perry Cox, Roger Epperson.

Frank no longer does it, unless you purchase from Rockaway or another business he already does dealings with.

Tracks you can offer to sell and they will give an offer if it is real, but I don't think you can send in to them for an loa.

Perry Cox will sell your item of it is real and will write up an loa, Not sure if he will issue you one by sending to him without selling.

Roger Epperson is probably your best bet. Besides perhaps Beckett if you know Steve Grad is doing the authenticating. Roger is really good on Beatles.
I recently purchased an auto of Lennon with an Epperson LOA and two other authenticators said the signature was not real. Hmmm.

Please show the autograph.

Who are the other two authenticators?

Yep who were they? Did they see it in person?

Please also show the LOA - there have been many forging LOA's, as well as the sig.  Sad but true. 


It says Heritage COA. Is that a REAL coa? It doesn't show the COA in the listing at all. First he said he bought it then later he said he didn't....

Anywhere in my files is a message of Perry Cox confirming by himself that he has less knowledges in Beatles autographs. That's a fact. Many faked autographs he offered at eBay were cancelled and further emails blocked. That's it!

Tracks: I remember a set of 4 Beatles autographs (saved in my files) including a faked Lennon sig a buyer asked me and didn't pay. Tracks was very upset and send the same set to me for evidence but changed the faked Lennon sig to a genuine one! That's reliable business!

Perry Cox has less knowledges in Beatles autographs? Perry Cox offered faked autographs? I totally disagree! As far as I'm concerned and to my opinion he is one of the best. Whatever Perry says, I say amen.

Well he also said Tracks and Epperson...So that only leaves Caiazzo for him to target...

Not saying they haven't approved forgeries, there is no 100% safe/fails in this hobby. I would still, in the end feel safer buying a piece with one of their opinions.
Here is the autograph that was reviewed by Epperson. Both PSA/DNA and PAAS said likely not genuine. I normally wouldnt give much credence to those reviewers, but they both came back with the same answer. That should concern folks. Thoughts?
I am not an expert by any stretch, but looks good to me. I wouldn't put much credence in PAAS and PSA doesn't really have anyone knowledgeable on vintage nusic anymore.
So with an Epperson LOA alone, would you purchase this autograph (assuming price was right)?


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