This is being auctioned by a non-specialist auction house in the US (est. $2-3k). If it's real I'd be amazed (only the Ringo looks reasonably OK to me) but I'd  like to confirm this before writing to the auction house as I know some of the people there:

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Neil Aspinall strikes again!

All done by Neil Aspinall...

none of these were signed by the Beatles.  Probably Neil

The lure of a big auction payday probably gives the auction house pause. Certainly by now, these signatures would be outed.

I have informed the auctioneer. They were very grateful and have promised to look into it. I gave them Roger's details and suggested that they ask for a quick opinion. Thus far, the lot details remain unchanged but I will check again in a few days. Here is a link to the auction:

All Neil's Work.

The listing has been removed from the auction. Thank you to everyone who gave their views.

Excellent work to get this done!

The outcome is unsurprising...I know that auction house...they are quite reputable, and I'm sure they did their due diligence before finally taking the lot down.

Thank you! Obviously it would've been better if they'd done their due diligence before offering the lot but there we are...

I agree. BEFORE is correct. If the research was properly done prior, it wouldn't have been an issue. Thanks, again, APCE.


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