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What do the experts think of this

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It looks real to me. I moved this to the Beatles forum.

Looks OK to me...Card was issued in March 1963...autographs look to be around the time of issue...

Just been told it comes with a tracks coa

What would be a fair price 

It’s hard to say because the condition is so rough. This looks like it was signed the same day, so you can see what it originally looked like.

I get much higher resolution, larger and sharper photos, front and back.

I'd save up for a better piece. 

Agreed. Half the signatures have some sort of problem. This is exactly the presentation I would expect from an advanced forger. 

I think we've established it's authentic.  It had a track coa

There are counterfeit, altered, and copied Tracks LOAs; the signed item could be switched or a copy; and while it's extremely rare, Tracks could have made a mistake. 

Never buy based on the COA or LOA alone.

That's why i asked for opinions. I won't be buying it because he wants £4000. 

I was pointing out that the feedback indicates that it is authentic 

I never said this was not authentic - I said it was a problem so rough. I also said that it was the sort of presentation I would expect from an advanced forger, not that this was a forgery.

Misunderstanding. I've decided not to buy it. I'm going for Diamond dogs signed program instead



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