Up for sale at Omega is this signed PPM Lp.  Roger Epperson viewed it and apparently gave it the thumbs up.  Signatures look almost too good to be true? Any other thoughts?

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I think it’s real too. You can see where the pen bounced across the seam at the end of John’s and Ringo’s signatures.

It's interesting that the OP ink is so much lighter than the two other marker pen examples that have been posted. I expect this is due to slightly different inks being used rather than light exposure. Personally, I prefer the "OP look". The others look like they were written yesterday and jar with the aged patina of the sleeve.

You have to wonder when the members of the Beatles realised their autographs were worth money. Starr in particular hated non Beatles making any money off them so a 20k album would be very annoying for him.

This may be a silly question but is the OP album totally "new to the market"? If so, I guess it should be added to the signed album census. It seems wierd that it has zero provenance. 

I presume the other two marker pen examples posted are already in the census.

Very clever IMO but not a 60s marker nib 100% ' There's a Place ' & its Omega Auctions once more , it will sell , they always do ! No way would a black live ink on laminate still be the same colour as matching on a 1960s brown card  , it would be purple on laminate after 60 years Fact . 

Interesting, although the back cover of the UK PPM Lp is not laminated.  In any event these signatures look “manufactured” to me. Somethings not quite right IMO.

They could be transfers of high-res copies of genuine autographs: not live ink. 

If so, it definitely was done very cleverly. It looks like the angle of John’s pen changed after it hit the seam. 

I may be over-analyzing here but isn't it a bit odd that the Lennon and Starr autographs both go over the seam to an almost identical extent?

Also, I don't recall seeing Lennon often lifting so much after the last "n". Somehow the lift doesn't look natural to me. I learned very recently from a forensic handwriting examiner and graphologist (a real and highly-respected one) that the end of a person's signature is usually very consistent indeed. The two other "n"s in John's surname also look a bit awkward and not free-flowing.

What year (or even year and month) would these autographs appear to be from?

IMO this is a just another forgery. The only close signature is Ringo. George, John, and Paul all have  issues for me.

It's certainly one that should not be bid on without an in-person examination. 

Agree - No provenance, just appears with no priors, too good to be true.  If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck …..



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