Hello again, the boys signed on the back of a promo card. It’s framed, so I don‘t know which promo card it is. Has anyone any idea, because I don’t want to destroy the frame? Thanks again 

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When posting it’s always best to make sure your pictures are right side up.  Based on your picture I’d say these look period correct 1962 autographs.

Thank you for your assessment and sorry for the wrong side up. Any idea which picture is on the front?

My pleasure.  The front of the promo card is likely 1 of these 3 cards.

Great, thank you so much for your help.

Always a pleasure - and a very nice set of autographs !!!

Thanks to you and the other experts, I appreciate that very much. 

Fab, I don't know photo card release dates, but the photos in the first 2 cards were reportedly taken in Sept.1962, and the third was reportedly taken in Jan. 1963. "July 1962" is written on the card in pencil, presumably by the recipient, so we need to look earlier.

I don’t think there’s any way to know which card it is. It could even be on the back of one of the cards with Pete Best, or one of their individual promo cards.

How was it determined that these signatures are on the reverse of a promo card?  It looks like it might be no more than a personal photograph taken when the subject is the age of 15.

Thank you all, I think I have to disassemble the frame by a pro to see what’s on the front.

Yes, it should be a promotional card, because Caiazzo mentioned it on the certificate but without a photo of the front, only the sigs.

Nice set of autographs...

Late 1962...October 1962...March 1963...


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