I put these up last year for discussion purposes and I got good responses. Now I want to sell them and post them on the sales section. Any more comments and valuation would be appreciated. I bought them in 1997 at Bonhams. Invoice included..

Big Thanks


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close ups

It might help your cause if you include scans that are the right way up.

did. Thanks

Beatles images are right side up now.


Beatles collectors, please opine on Roy's set. He'd like to offer it for sale in Buy/Sell/Trade. Thanks


copy of Bonham's bill

Good morning from NZ. All genuine autographs signed on different pages. The john is real good and the George is a nice item. Ringo is alright but the Paul is on the back of Johns and probably effects the set. Tracks would probably ask 3000 plus pounds for the set or split them up and try and get more individually. My opinion only. You will have to put them up for sale to gauge interest. 

Big thanks

The John, Paul, and George signatures look authentic to me, but the Ringo looks very unusual.

It's different...

the fact that one is back to back really hurts the value




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