beatles autographs on ebay at the moment certified in hand by the beatlesmarketplace with COA.

Right i am back now as i was a little annoyed earlier as i have been collecting beatles autographs and memorabilia over many years and was virtually called a liar for saying a couple of these items listed on ebay at the moment are fake.Well i have the proof that the george is fake and i will post it now,so what im trying to say is i have been stung by nigel lemon on beatles signatures before so how does he still get away with authentication.

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look great to me


Those autographs look real to me. I would be very surprised if they were not.

Hi George l have been where you are bud regarding this groups signatures not once but twice in the 90s it was a nightmare my me...buying for investment purpose without the help of such things as the Internet let alone AML...My friend l really hete to this industry education comes at a price...especially for me...I just brushed myself down..felt sorry for myself for a few days, then realised millions of people are worse off than me and thought what the n learn and move on, which l did knowing this hobby will bite me up the a-- again for sure...but with the thought knowing nothing is easy when investing money..especially in this me it's a drug hahaha and I cannot give it up

thanks for your reply mark i love collecting autographs especially the beatles,i do own some nice sets but i know i have seen the george harrison signature before,i am searching for it as we speak but thanks for your kind message.

I have now found the george harrison autograph now i knew they were fakes

My pleasure to you buddy ......enjoy...and, have fun my friend

They look authentic to me too. If you found the same George signature elsewhere, please post it.

Right i have found the george harrison signature i will post it shortly but what i had written earlier now confirms that the beatlesmarketplace do not know a real signature when they see one.

How so? You posted what appear to be authentic Beatles autographs and then deleted them.


If you are going to post what you believe is the exact match to the George Harrison signature on the Twist and Shout EP you originally posted, please repost the images you took down as well.

ok doing them now steve

I don't see any image. Is my PC playing tricks on me? I'm also struggling to follow the thread - it sounds like George thinks he bought a fake but everyone else thinks otherwise? I think I need a stiff drink... 



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