I thought I'd post a thread for us to share our best buys this year so far, curious to what people will reply.

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Probably the Billie Eilish book for $35. Supply definitely didn't meet the demand here.

Good point, I missed it by 10 minutes, never went back on sale. Kind of hoping there will be a signed vinyl/cd at some point.

The problem with her stuff is that you typically have only seconds to a couple minutes at most to react to signed offers for her. The one exception was the signed vinyl print from Bengans where people either weren't aware of it or balked at the shipping price. I'd really be shocked if she did signed CDs or vinyl. She really doesn't need to for sales purposes, and she probably isn't too keen on signing overall given the way autograph hounds treated her a couple years ago.

Billie Eilish for $35 and David Gilmour for $12.

The David Gilmour cd if I ever get it!! I also scored a Cat Stevens signed book for $24 shipped which was wonderful.

I have to agree, for me it is actually Gilmour. I had been after his autograph for some rime, and to get it at that price was sensational. 

Definitely David Gilmour. I got mine for free as the bookstore misplaced my initial email and that was their solution. I already have him on a 2002 promo DVD but this was a very nice surprise indeed.

And this C. 1940 SP for $150:

Got mine from him on an LP for free after spending an evening drinking with him at the bar  :)

The Gilmour CD is among the best deals money-wise. 

Signed books tend to get expensive when you're in EU and have to add shipping and VAT, especially after Brexit and with the rising shipping rates. So it's often difficult to consider those as deals. Still there are some I'm extremely happy with which I consider my best buys, like Clinton/Patterson (I love crime novels) and my pre-orders for Brain Johnson and Will Smith if the autographs turns out nice.

Queen/Adam Lambert signed CD & cassette for £18.95

Steve Perry which he is signing LP again just an FYI. Ann and Nancy Wilson, Peter Frampton, Billy Gibbons, Roger Daltrey (Expensive), Bill Wyman (Expensive) I have other mostly signed CD mix with few LP I'm waiting for Brain May. Waiting for TOTO tho I have signed LP. Ozark Mt Dare Devil's. Little Big Town that was pretty cheap. Andrew Farriss the CD was $19.21!Waiting for Cheap Trick. Taylor Swift CD was pretty cheap. Neal Schon not cheap!. Howie Day he's on Etsy selling hand written lyrics. Peter Centera that CD Cheap. John Desmore. Ringo Star not cheap. Anyway a few others.


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