Same guy was selling tons of fake Bowies, Michael Jacksons, etc. Now he's selling low priced Beatles stuff that look like copies.

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Erick McKay's account, long thread on him on the forum.

Didn't know he was doing Beatles fakes. Surprised eBay still lets him peddle his forgeries (although not really surprised knowing eBay's greed).  Thanks Wascher

Beatles, Nirvana, Queen, MJ, Elvis, Springsteen, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and a few other random stars.  I've been reporting on his Beatles stuff quite frequently since the beginning of me discussing him, as well as the Freddie's he does - he's even gotten the items past the top Beatles guys.  Erick is likely on our forum yet as well getting opinions so heads up. 

Most definitely on the forum as he or she told me in an eBay reply. 

From the seller:


Hello. Going by your eBay name I assume you are a Beatles seller. Collector and expert. I respect your opinion but I disagree fully with the poorly done. I am no expert but I see many McCartney autographs with "legit" coa's looking gnarly horrendous. Mines are legit. Obtained years ago at Paul's mansion in new york. He gave many pieces to his employees.
You know a regular seller has cero chances getting a coa because those are given to power sellers and members of that inner circle of pda/DNA ISA and now Beckett .
I can't afford to sell mines at regular market prices because I can't wait months to sell them.
They are not poorly done, you know they are real.


I'm confused. The autograph among other pieces was given as a gift around 2005. McCartney himself had it. Back then my friend worked with him but he was ordered to sign a confidentiality agreement. Now he is no longer Paul's employee and he through my husband wants to sell his lot/set.


Hello just go ahead and forget it. I won't sell them to you and you won't buy them so what is the point of my explanations.
Say hi to wascher. I am keeping an eye on your other account.
Somebody will buy my autographs and they will triple their money. You will see.
Good night.

Yup he loves me.  Here's how much of a creep he is.  This was to a teenager who got one of his items, that she was buying for her parent for Christmas.  He literally wrote this stuff to a teenager.  Who says "I was a nice gal"  and "I have a vagina".... he's sick. 

**She did get her money back - Steve worked with her, and I believe her dad, and got a refund as she is a minor - paypal sided with them because of that.  He did a money request through friends and family and had she not been a minor he would have gotten away with it.

Here's the response I got from "Bluelifesaver" when I asked him if his real name was Erick Mccay:  Excuse me? I know where you are coming from. You are part of that mafia group with Steve and Wascher.
My name is Olga Cuezzi. You give me your phone number and my husband will call you.
Soon that scammy bunch will face the consequences of slandering so many people.
Good night.

A friend of mine got the exact same message from him when she called him out. Funny thing is, he didn't realize he was arguing with a real lawyer when he messaged her back and he stopped replying once she got serious with him. The amount of crap Wascher has had to put up with with this guy is ridiculous. She deserves none of it. That goes for Steve as well. But he holds a real chip on his shoulder over Wascher. 

Look out, he'll tell you that his husband is a lawyer and they have your IP address and will sue you lol. He gets annoyed when you ask him for said IP address bc he cant provide it. It's Olga this time huh? Funny that all these fakes keep coming from women who all have an issue with Wascher, know about the Erick drama and all have husbands who are lawyers. Hmmm.

Maybe if enough people complain to Ebay that a well know forger has been making a TON of money over the years with these fakes -- they MIGHT do something?  Just using the "report item" on the listing page is not enough -- they need to be barraged with phone calls. 

eBay actually saw the emails between Kamila and Erick on the eBay messaging system.  Erick was selling the set on the side not on eBay.  His latest way to scam: if  someone bids, and loses, he messages the bidders that "lost" and offers other sets he has.  So he sends her emails gets her to bite the bait, she gives her paypal info, he bills her friends and family and she makes the purchase.  eBay knew all of this and has done nothing, same account, still in operation.  Sadly.

If anyone had a case to shut him down it was her.

Not much to like about those 

ebay has proven time and time again, they just don't care.  That was obvious when they stopped the EMR program years ago.  It was cutting into their profits and the power sellers were complaining.  it was hitting them in the wallet.  the best defense we have is to expose and educate so the victims are armed with good info before they make the "plunge". 

New Reply - I wonder if the FBI would be interested in these fake autographs being sold ?  Might be interesting?


I'm sending you one million LOL's
You guys are too funny. I mean I pooped reading your message.
Roger Epperson? That guy who was authenticating his own drawings?
He is so done and still has that ugly lawsuit pending?
You need to read before supporting a well known dubious person.
We, yes we know all the dirty secrets of him, his friends, his scams and all that heavy baggage he carries.
Roger Epperson? Soooooo funny.
You need a list of all his eBay Id's?
Photos of all his fake coa's?
Roger Epperson? You made my day.
Watch for coming news regarding autograph's fraud. It will be national news.
Roger Epperson? Yeah right.



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