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Signed bundle is back up on uk store 

Signed not available 

It was up when they posted but sold out and got removed again.

that wasn't the signed bundle, it's the bundle minus the card though.

The signed bundles were there as well. I saw it myself, right after the comment above. Both the signed 3LP and the 4LP bundles were available.

I'm fearful that a restock is looking unlikely; I bit the bullet and bought the 3 LP & signed insert bundle on eBay.

Just an FYI for everyone thinking about doing the same, this is the worst time to buy on the secondary market. Prices will come down when the market is flooded and right now you are buying blindly. You haven't seen the signature or placement. I know its fun to be a part of something while its happening though. That in itself is worth something. But it's this fear of missing out "FOMO" that resellers take advantage of right now with these eBay pre-sales of a retail pre-sale 

On the contrary; to anyone planning on waiting for the market to become "flooded" may be waiting until death, as the drop was very limited. There's been a recent trend of pre-orders being resold on eBay at an inflated price just for the price to further increase as soon as fans actually hear the music. See: Ariana's latest album. It's supply and demand, the supply won't increase, as soon as the music is out the demand will skyrocket. If you have particular care for the placement and other details waiting until these items are in hand could be a good move for you, but as a fan, I'd have pre-ordered from the official site without hesitation but didn't have the opportunity, so I'm happy to have purchased someone else's pre-order : )

I totally agree with you! We resellers provide a very valuable service to those that were not fortunate enough to score a signed item directly from the artist. It makes me happy that I can help someone obtain a signed item that they really covet. Glad you were able to score the signed Billie Elish album. 

Of course, this gives a fan the chance to get a signed piece. So the question is, why is it that fans can't buy a signed piece? There are certainly many reasons, but resellers are one of them. Without resellers it would be easier for real fans and collectors to buy a signed piece at a normal price via the store, because a large number of the pieces would not be bought up by resellers. Personally, I don't think reselling to generate profit is good.

I agree with Andy, her valuable resource is that she's akin to a virus with shoes. She uses up the host (this website), taking away as many resources as possible (signed items actual fans may get if it wasn't for her unending greed), and then hoofs it on down to the next unsuspecting host to repeat ad infinitum. I don't think I've ever seen her post a link to an actual signed item to purchase anywhere on here in  over 2 years but she's always popping up and chirping about how needed resellers are. So it's all take and zero give. That's called a virus, and this one wears shoes. And they are some hideous looking shoes on that one. Cheers! 

My opinion on resale may be somewhat controversial, especially on a site like this, but I don't think there's any problem with individuals reselling.

There have often been instances where I couldn't afford something or I missed a drop and if all of them had gone to genuine fans then there would have been no physical way for me to obtain said item, and in a way, securing the order and keeping the item deadstock condition is a service and I do appreciate it and it does provide value.

However, when when orders are too populated by resellers and resellers BECOME the issue individual fans can't get the items and it gets to a point where every fan is having to pay retail price + resale tax it's frustrating and saddening.

Personally tho, I choose not to buy extra because I can't help but feel like I'm prying another copy out of the hands of another fan such as myself.

I think reselling becomes an issue when it's too frequent, but I don't think the fault falls on the individual resellers.


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