UK Only - includes the signed artcard.*/*/Happier-Than-Ever-Signed-Music-Bundle/739U0000000

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Appreciate the response, friend! Do you know if Billie sold the painted cds in the UK (I cant recall)

Get this, minutes after I posted here this morning and sent a query to my consignment house, I got notification of a package received.

However, the qty. is wrong and the description says “splatter cd covers”

I am 99% convinced I will never see my signed art cards at this point. Ugh.

My invoice said splattered cd covers

The splatters was not sold uk I got mine from USA 

the invoice for the signed cards believe it or not says splatter 

your good man it’s going to be signed but I would contact them about the quantity 

You guys rock - great news! Thank you both! 

Since it seems like even Michael's sorted out now, does that mean most all of these have been fulfilled?

I guess that means most of these went to actual fans, since I'm not seeing a ton of these on places like ebay. This is good, but it also means I'm going to have a more difficult time getting one from a reseller than I expected.


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