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I obviously posted this at virtually the same time as damageinc777! Feel free to remove my post, if someone with Admin access is able to. Thanks

actually only the admin and you can remove it, you should have this option.
But please don't, as there are already comments on your thread.

Great find. I'm not sure, as I already have his autograph (and it's perfect !)

No biggie. You can remove your own thread which I did since yours already had comments.

Cool, I must have missed the remove option, but as you say this thread has comments and it would not be right to remove it now. So long as one of us posted, especially as it's a rather good one!

For sure. Same way as I look at it. As long as someone posts a goodie like this I don't care who it is. Just want to make sure the actual collectors get the option before the flippers grab 'em up.

Got one. Thanks for sharing.

418 left

How can you tell how many are left?

Now 269 left. I don't think it works with all stores, but possibly only with Newbury

OK thanks. So what do you type in the box?


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