After posting some pieces with fake autographs the past few days, I'm hoping to get some positive feedback on this one. I bought this Bob Dylan signed and played harmonica from GWS Auctions last month. The auction had an Elvis played guitar that went for half a million. Needless to say I didn't pay that much for this harmonica. You can google it if you want to know what I paid--I think I got a great deal on it(or in twenty I will think so). Here are pictures of it and the notarized letter it came with from Cesar Diaz who was a known guitar and amp tech to Dylan and other famous guitarists. Here's a link to a Wikipedia page on him.

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That looks a little different than what I have seen and is very legible. Perhaps. The 27 year old letter - the notarized bit only means the notary determined Cesar Diaz was Cesar Diaz - it proves nothing else at all. I am very skeptical.

Looking up GWS in our own search engine yields this unhappy news:

GWS Forgeries

They do seem to have some authentic items, although I understand they might have some fake autographs mixed in. Why do you discount the other statements in the notarized letter?

Why? It is a just a story - the notary might not even know who Bob Dylan is let alone what is true, nor is it his job. These are simple tricks. Why would you believe the story? How much was this item? They have no terms on their site...what is your recourse?

I've seen dozens of fake Dylan signed items with LOAs from Cesar Diaz.  If it were real, the signed harmonica would go for at least 2 grand. 

+1 I was afraid of something just like this. Sorry.

That is disappointing to hear about the Cesar Diaz LOAs. 

Those are not LOA's! Those are notarized stories. An LOA is a very different thing. Post the terms you must have read as you agreed to them from your seller and maybe we can help.

"...4- Wording, which is subjective, and other adjectival descriptions are the opinion of the Auction House. No warranty is expressed, implied or provided, since these opinions can and do vary among individuals all bidders bid based on their own opinions of value. No lots may be returned by bidders...."

"...5- All Sales Are Final...."

I guess that is that. The first red flag was them calling that letter an LOA.

Diaz has been mentioned here on this site 6 years ago in this capacity. Please use the search engine here before purchasing. All of this could have been easily dodged.

Damn! Not the positive feedback I was hoping for. 



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