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Gosh I love your thinking 


 Its incredible how phones are getting blown up and they still keep the listing up. Should tell you everything about this company and ill join a lawsuit even if it means i lose more doing that. Im tired of getting bent over by these companies. The quote i got for returning was the last straw 

Maybe I missed this elsewhere (apologies if so), but you got a quote for returning the book? 

Are you guys actually writing in your books?

We should before sending back. I wanna see this company lose 5 figures at the least

If you sent that to "me" your return/refund would be immediately off the table because it was defaced. No further discussion.

It was already defaced tho....

Write on a random page before returning that the autograph is fake. That way if they resell it someone will eventually see it. 

I’m marking each photo I get to distinguish it from each other 

if I write in the book I cannot return it. 


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