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Fantastic! Did you go through PayPal, or directly through Amex? I also used Amex, but went through PayPal. Disputes have been filed with PayPal, but no decision yet for either S&S or Premiere.

Well done Jason, I can't believe the idiots at S&S even tried this for a second time - what stupid fools to think they would get away with it.

They are still for sale on S&S website BTW!

It's the Digital age and not 1953! Now lets take the fraudsters to the cleaners and sue them for the $600 initial outlay, and of course the undue stress / pain and suffering caused to everybody which would amount to thousands of $$$'s each if you find a good lawyer ! I really don't believe these were limited to 999 copies at all ! Maybe they did a run of 1 thousand of each autopen maybe 20 thousand with each autopen, who knows for sure? These are just the tip of the iceberg! 

Well if you do a class action the money will go to the lawyers and we won’t see what we paid. 

It's a shame one of us on here isn't a lawyer and bought one ! Or is there??

Not necessarily true, if you win then S&S has to pay the legal fees on top of the compensation.

In case of a bankruptcy that can be problematic, but it's "only" $600k - a small enough amount for S&S.

I posted a link earlier.. Penguin is in the process of trying to acquire S&S. I'm not sure how it will play into all of this. A judge denied the merger but they are now in the process of appeals. something we might need to be aware of in the future

That's assuming they havn't Lied about the amount sold aswell - I still think they have sold a lot more than 1000 copies  - These have been online for sale for 6 days now - i would imagine there are a lot more people that are not on this forum  and are totally unaware of any of this that have bought copies too, for gifts with Christmas just around the corner  / investment  or just plain scalping on ebay  ! 

I created a separate post as a link to use for complaints, returns, claims, etc... It will take a lot of work and its pretty late now. Ill try to get it complete with all information before the weekend is over. It will be continuously updated as I go. I wanted this to be completed by tonight so badly but life got in the way.


If anyone can help me out, I still need at least 1 full page photo of each template below.. 2 for the one located bottom right

  • This is all I have for the bottom right  I’m trying to get Stacy to send another full page  he’s extremely pissed off 

Thank you! I just need at least one of all 6 now.. more is better though

Oh yeah of course   Let’s see what I get tomorrow. I’ll get it in the morning. 


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