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Excelent ! Well done ! 

We do have the power collectively in this forum, the power to make them all stop the use of autopen signatures. I'm sure this will send a strong warning, no one wants that kind of publicity in a major music publication. Funny I remember seeing it tweeted to Rolling Stones at some point, maybe they picked it up from there.


Yeah, getting picked up a lot of places!

Attachments: No photo uploads here

NME too? Wow...

Indeed -- I think S&S's scrambling made them steer even deeper into the snowbank they were trying to avoid . . .

Haha awesome! Post direct links as we find, ill collect them all and add them to the refund post. 


Haha I love it.. im sure Dylan was in on this all along but for the slight chance he wasn't, Dylan surely knows all about it now

Yahoo is linking a story so everyone can post their crazy comments lol


Should we tip someone of the art scam as well?

Oh no......

this is Dolly all over again x1000


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