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Thank you, President Biden, for your 52 Years of Service to all Americans.

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I would love to be a fly on the wall when the head of s & s gets through to Bob's management.  What I dont understand though is the rationalisation behind Dylan and his managment.  They seriously thought that they could autopen that many biographies at that kind of price and noone would notice? 

Ego, innit.  That one three-letter word is responsible for most of the world’s ills.  They thought they were smarter than everyone else; that they could pull the wool over our eyes.

Ok guys I'm trying something different, if this works out Ill make one for every template this way. I've found 13 different autopen templates so far and this is just the 1st set. I will post videos of a screen capture comparing each one and a photo with all books I used in each video. The signatures will be slightly offset from each other so it is apparent the autopen is shown while comparing. also, the quality will be low in order to not go over the 7MB file limit

Keep the full page photos coming in. there are 5 templates I only have 1 photo for with nothing to compare them to. one template I do not have any full page photos

Video - click the link below



Set #2   Is this working for everyone?

Video - Click link below



Oh these are fabulously brilliant. 

Thank you for the feedback, ill keep going. You were a huge help with providing a bunch of them. 

Oh great. I made a new friend on another site and we ended up trading photos so between him and my friends I could add a bunch here. 

I’ll  have one more of mine tomorrow 

my friend has to open one and I can get it to you tomorrow. I need to see a match. To get a refund. 

my credit card refunded one book already 

Set #3

Video - Click link below



Set #4




I got a refund 

oh well done. That means all of you who purchased this hopefully will

Amex is a good credit card 


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