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Here is my other autopen 

Does this piece of signed art not look suspiciously like one of the autopen templates used here?

Oh we go....

This S&S fiasco may lead to other things no one ever imagined or wanted to consider. 

plus one.

I was thinking about this yesterday and nervously looking back at my Mondo Scripto.

I’ve always thought there was something weird about the sigs on some of the art prints, maybe just because the sigs are so small and in pencil but they just seem weird with the fancy Y unlike the straight/long one he has often used. Anyway, here is my Mondo Scripto for what it’s worth

Also, it was the autopen Dolly/Patterson Run Rose Run books that led to uncovering/confirming the use of autopen on her Songteller from months earlier

I do like the way the ends of some of the letters trail off on your Mondo Scripto...

Right, thanks…I believe it was hand signed unless we’re about to learn about the wonders of auto-pencil lol. Just wondering if he signed it, there is a resemblance/similarity in some of the art print sigs and the autopen book sigs which are weird as noted. 


I got a bad feeling in my gut that BOB DYLAN USED AUTO PENCILS to sign his art !!!


I got a bad feeling in my gut that BOB DYLAN USED AUTO PENCILS to sign his art !!!

Yes, that 2022 Dylan art print DOES look like autopen!  The older signed Drawn Blank ones (that are real) look totally different. 

Yes - they look totally different i wouldnt buy one from 2022 at ALL


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