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Hank Williams Jr did this on his last release. They jostled the autopen around to make each signature look different. It was an easy catch but they are getting trickier with the way they use the autopen.

To my way of thinking, purposely manipulating an autopen to make it appear "more" handwritten is worse than Dylan's plain autopen.  It is sad the depths some "stars" will go to cheat their fans.

Especially weird in the case of guys like Hank who have been great signers through the mail for years. Had Dylan's camp been trickier with the autopen, it would have been a more difficult argument to make. If an artist doesn't want to sign, then they shouldn't sign. Nobody wants an autopen or secretarial signature.

Here's what I received, direct purchase from S&S:2022-11-23%20114733.jpg2022-11-23 20114800 close-up.jpg

...maybe this whole thing was the straw that broke the Penguin's back! ;-)

Also, Snow Commerce refund received via PayPal yesterday. At least that info about refunds was trustworthy.

Thanks again to everyone on this board.

AutoPEEN.... HAHA.. a disturbingly new advancement in autopen technology? Sorry, childish humor but the idea is hilarious

The Jonathan Karp signed letter with the book is a classic "Autopeen."

Bob's peen seems kind of small with these.  If they were going to autopeen-you'd think thy could do something a little bigger to really satisfy the consumers out there.


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