Bob is coming to Australia who has met him and did he sign for you or not...and where...also does anyone know why he has a reputation for being so grumpy

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Not on artwork it doesn't that's how artwork is signed 

I tried for Bob Dylan last spring and this was probably one of the worst and rude attempts I have gone on. I was told it’s one of the hardest autographs in the business but was going to try my luck anyways.

My experience started when his buss pulled up and they positioned the buss door right to the stage door, when Bob got out the shades went right down at the same time. So he didn’t want to be seen and as I tried to get a picture of him going up the loading dock from across the street security stood in front of me to block the picture. It was quite comical to me.

About 20 to 30 minutes later I’m standing on a public side walk looking through a steer fence that was probably 20 feet high and I’m thinking it was his tour manager comes over and confronts me through this fence and asked me why I’m standing on his loading doc. I said excuse me I’m on the phone which I was actually. He continues to yell at me and asks me to leave and if I don’t I’ll be arrested for harassment, stalking, trespassing on a public sidewalk and anything else he could pull out of his hat. The tour manager asks me if that was a Bob Dylan album I had and I asked him “is that against the law also?” I told him look I’m not looking to bother anyone or any trouble with you, I’m just looking for Mr. Dylan to possibly sign an album for me which was “Desire”. Just then Dylan comes out of the stage door and shoots back to his buss. The tour manager then tells me that Mr. Dylan is old and Disney want to me bothered anymore. I respected that.

Later on I decided to see the show and to Bobs request I was not allowed to bring in my album or take pictures. I was lucky enough to get to the second row and see the show. But there was a couple in front of me who paid a lot of money for their tickets and tried to sneak a pic of Dylan preforming. They were asked to leave and later escorted after refusing to hand over their cell phone or resign the picture. I have to say I do respect his privacy but not taking pictures at a public event is over the top. 

Anyone trying for Dylan on the future I wish you luck, Dylan’s people are defiantly dedicated to keeping you away from him at any cost.

and u were surprised .

If he wouldn't act like a f***ing freak and refusing to sign none would really care about his graph. All this you make money out of my name is b*******. Sign as many as James Taylor or Roger Waters and nobody will make money out of your graph anymore. The only one making money out of the graph is Dylan himself. I doubt anyone would pay the prices for his artprints if they weren't signed by him.

You are correct, I’m not in this for the money. I show up with one album and if I’m lucky a picture. I was raised on Folk, Blues and Classic Rock. It’s not about the money for me it’s about getting an autograph I can hold onto and the story I can tell to others. Two worst I’ve encountered is Dylan and the Douce Bradly Cooper. 

With all due respect ever artist thinks anyone asking for an autograph is a dealer. It's the times we live in

I hate that mid conception, I’m a collector who doesn’t believe in paying people for something I can get on my own. Also if they took a minute to look at me I’m one guy with one item not 10 copies of the same thing looking to get it all signed.

what happened with Bradley Cooper?

So this was last January 2018 when I met him outside a screening of A Star is Born and was the only one there because it was freezing. Did I mention  it was freezing and my hands were red from how cold it was? Lol I had wanted to get a poster of A Star is Born poster signed for my girlfriend and had NOTHING else on me. His Mercedes pulled up and he got out. I politely approached him but was so close I could have shaken his hand. He looked away and walked into the movie theater. I figured he must be running late no big deal, but again I wasn’t sure if he would be out soon or later so I continued to wait for him outside. After the screening was over I had watched him make his way through the movie theater lobby where he had stopped and took literally one picture with a fan. I waited by his Mercedes with pen in hand ready to go. As he approached his car I asked him very nicely if he could sign and told him I had waited a few hours and was freezing and that it really was for my girlfriend who was a big fan of the movie. He stopped looked at the ground, didn’t say anything and the got in his car and left. Like a dick he just didn’t even look me in the face, no I’m sorry I can’t or I have to be going, nothing. I have a few friends who help me out from time to time and have had experiences with him too. The majority is he’s just a dick, plays a funny like able person on screen but in reality could really care less. Just a dick bag, I wouldn’t recommend asking or wasting your time on him.

Anyone want a real Dylan message me  

Unless I met the old grouchy man I would be skeptical if it was his real signature or not. 

I can't stand Bob Dylan--terrible music

Yeah yeah I know I know..bring on the hate.

I wish all you guys the best of luck in your conquests though! :) 



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